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GD Medical is a leading manufacturer of medical devices in Jiangsu, China with U.S. distribution centers in Bartlett, Illinois, Richmond, Virginia, and City of Industry, California.

Our vertical integration from raw material to global distribution leads to lower cost, better quality control and less lead time. The followings are the key processes:

- Yarn Spinning
- Gauze Weaving
- Fabrics Bleaching
- Color Dyeing
- Fiber Bonding
- Form-fill-seal Packaging
- Steam Sterlization
- Gamma Sterlization
- Trucking Fleet
GD Medical’s mission is Premium Medical Products at Affordable Prices.
Main Products:

Surgical Towels (OR Towels) & Lap Sponges
    Disposable Surgical Towels
    Reusable Surgical Towels
    Fenestrated Surgical Towels
    Lap Sponges
    Specialty Sponges

Wound Care Products
    Gauze Sponges
    Non-woven Sponges
    Fluff Rolls

Protective Apparel

Surgical Drapes and Equipment Covers
     Banded Bags
     Dome Bags
     Setup Covers
     Probe Covers
     Backtable Covers
     Mayo Stand Covers
     Angiography Drapes
     OR Turnover Kits
     CSR Wraps

Minor Surgery Kits
    IV Start Kits
    Suture Removal Kits
    Dialysis Kits
    TPN Tray

EMS Linen Products
    Fitted Sheets
    Flat Sheets
    Pillows and Pillow Case
    Linen Kits

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