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Gauze Sponges / Specialty Sponges
Gauze Sponges in box/pouch/tray
Gauze Sponges
Gauze Sponges (Swabs) are constructed of the finest absorbent gauze with an excellent quality in absorbency and purity, they are provided in a wide variety of sizes, piles and put-up to facilitate the different degree of absorbency for surgical applications such as wound dressing, general cleaning, minor prepping, wound packing and debriding.
To fulfill the buyers' requirements, GD provides its gauze sponges in many forms. Namely, these gauze sponges can be classified into Plain or X-ray Detectable, and to a certain extend, sterile or non sterile. Their cut edges are folded in to assure lint free, sterility and ready-to-use make them the excellent sponges in general use It comes in a variety of specifications and packings, their available packings include sterile peel-back pouch(1's, 2's, 4's and 5's), sterile tray(5's and 10's), non-sterile paper bag(100's and 200's)and bulk paper pack.
Non-sterile nonwoven sponges(I.V.sponges)
Non-sterile nonwoven sponges
(I. V. sponges)

Non-sterile nonwoven sponges(I.V.sponges)
Sterile fluff sponges
Non-sterile nonwoven sponges(I.V.sponges)
Sterile X-ray gauze sponges

Non-sterile nonwoven sponges(I.V.sponges)
Specialty sponges


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