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Lap Sponge
Lap sponges
lap sponges are carefully constructed of 100% U. S. P. type IV gauze and are used in general surgery to control bleeding and protect tissue. The edges are folded in and stitched on all sides to prevent exposed edges. All lap sponges contains radiopaque element for detection.
Material: Bleached Gauze
Yarn: 40sx40s, 32sx32s
Mesh: 28x24, 24x20 19x15, 20x12
Lap Sponges,sterile pack(pouch/CSR paper)
Lap Sponge, sterile pack,
(pouch/CSR paper)
Lap Sponges£¨with x-ray thread,plastic ring/steel ring£©
Lap Sponge (with x-ray thread, plastic ring/metal ring)
Vaginal packing
Vaginal packing


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