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Protective Apparel
Our Surgeon's cap, Hood, Nurse's Cap, Face Mask, shoe Covers and Disposable Panties are non-woven products with excellent quality in common, they are soft, durable and air-filtrated in material that offer a soft and comfortable feeling to their end users.

Our lsolation Gown, Lab Coat and Coveralls are made of high quality, non-woven fabric which features lightweight, excellent air-filtration and fluid-resistibility in quality, these products are designed respectively to meet the different specialized needs and, as a whole, to offer a comfortable wear as well as an attractive appearance to their end users.

Spunlace gowns (non-reinforced, poly-reinforced & fabric-reinforced)
Spunlace gowns Spunlace gowns (back)
Front Back
Spunlace gowns (bulk package) Spunlace gowns (sterile package)
Bulk package Sterile package
SMS Gowns  (non-reinforced, poly-reinforced & fabric-reinforced)
SMS Gowns (PE filn)
Front Open view
SMS Gowns(bulk package) SMS Gowns (sterile package)
Bulk package Sterile package
More Apparels
Spunlace gowns (back) Spunlace gowns (back)
coverall 2 Lab coat
Spunlace gowns (back) Spunlace gowns (back)
Scrub EA200 Isolation gown
Shoes Covers SMS Gowns(bulk package)
Shoes Covers Mask
Bouffant caps  


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